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Get more with Xbox One.

Introducing Xbox One, where all activities come together in one solution like the best games, multiplayer, and your favorite movies, music, sports and live TV. Games look and feel incredibly real on the Xbox One, with cinematic game play that rivals Hollywood.  Chat with friends on Skype while you play or Watch TV, and smarter matchmaking happens behind the scenes while you are playing. You can snap two things side-by-side on your TV, and switch from one to another instantly with your Xbox One. Xbox One gets better with time, it is a device build for the digital age and is cloud powered. Xbox One will transform how you play and it delivers an all-new gaming and entertainment experience. Xbox One is an entertainment all-in-one system that is built for today and tomorrow which brings together the best games, the most reliable service.

Built for the future.
  • The power of the cloud and built for the digital age using the latest technology – The Digital System
  • “Cloud powered” means Xbox One and games grow with you over time – It keeps getting better
  • Open up new game experiences like never before with Advanced motion and voice control

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